Lalit Patel

Technoprenuer and Open Source entusiast

Lalit is the Co-Founder of BASH Gaming (acquired by GSN in 2014), the creators of Bingo Bash, the #1 social Bingo Game in the world.

Lalit setup the BASH Gaming India operations from ground up and scaled the company to 120+ employees leading to the acquisition by GSN. He wrote the first version of the products and handpicked the engineering team that scaled the games to millions of users across devices and multi million dollar revenue

The Technology stack that he has built has amassed 50M lifetime installs and is used by 1.5M people playing daily on all major mobile platforms, generating millions of dollors of reveneue every year.

Prior to Bash Gaming, Lalit was part of the core technical team at SlideShare (acquired by LinkedIn), built the very early product which today commands 3 billion slide views a month.

He loves mentoring young entrepreneurs, writing code, solving puzzles and growing plants on his terrace garden.

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Highly Scalable Mobile and Consumer Web Applications on the Cloud.

Hire, retain and motivate high performance and nimble teams. Successful integration and scaling up post an acquisition.

Corporate Governance
Setting up Business from ground up, Legal, Finance & Compliance.

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A Whole New Ball Game
Business Today (Sep 2014)

Bingo! GSN buys Bash Gaming for an estimated $160M to $170M
Venture Beat (Feb 2014)

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Business Today (Jun 2013)

Bingo! Bash Gaming’s Casino Hit on Pace to Gross $55M a Year
All Things Digital (Dec 2012)

BitRhymes selected for NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards 2012 for Growth
NASSCOM Emerge Awards 2012 (Oct 2012)

BitRhymes On Track For $45M In Annual Revenue on strength of Bingo (Sep 2012)

Bingo Bash-Maker BitRhymes Raises $1M For Casino-Style Games (Apr 2012)

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The Telegraph (Feb 2012)

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AVGC 2020
FICCI Frames 2015, Mumbai (26 Mar 2015)

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Causal Connect Asia 2013, Singapore (May 2013)

Bingo! – Design to Win
Startup Festival 2013, Bangalore (Mar 2013)

The Emerging Gaming Industry in southern India
FICCI MEBC 2013, Bangalore (Oct 2013)

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NASSCOM GDC, Pune (Nov 2012)

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TiE Bangalore (June 2012)

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Award of Excellence in Entrepreneurship
from Sri Naveen Pattnaik, Hon Chief Minister, Odisha. (Dec 2014)

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